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In terms of common American activities, few are as fraught with potential danger as swimming. Whether it’s a public pool, a private family pool, or a natural body of water such as a lake or a river, thousands of people die swimming every year. Indeed, drowning is the 3rd most common form of unintentional death in the U.S. These numbers point to an enormous responsibility shared by anyone who owns a pool or is in charge of looking after the safety of those using a pool or natural body of water under their control. Sometimes, this means employing full-time lifeguards. At other times, however, the best course of action is to post a No Swimming Sign and let that stand as your final policy.

Contaminated Water
There are many reasons to post a No Swimming Sign, but contaminated water is among the most common. Government agencies and park authorities should regularly test any body of water used for public recreation. Bacterial swarms, algae blooms, and other natural occurrences can turn an otherwise safe lake or river into a haven for disease. It is essential, during times of this growth, to shut down recreation for the safety of the public. This may also be the case if a body of water is excessively polluted. A No Swimming Sign eliminates ambiguity and ensures that the government has no liability for those who choose to ignore the warnings.

Dangerous Animals
Dangerous animals are another reason why it may make sense to post a No Swimming Sign at a lake or river. In the South, natural bodies of water are often infested with alligators, which are themselves threats to humans and animals who use the water for recreation. Native Floridians may know better than to wade into a random lake, but visitors from other states are less likely to be clear about the potential dangers lurking beneath the surface. While there are natural springs and even lakes that allow swimming in Florida, Georgia, and other alligator-populated states, many others are marked with No Swimming Signs – for a very good reason!

No Swimming Signs That Work
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