Bat Stencils

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Whether you’re decorating for Halloween, designing spooky clothes for a special occasion, or simply like the look of these winged mammals, our Bat Stencils are everything you need! With these stencils, you can put a new spin on trick-or-treating, decorate a pumpkin for carving, spruce up a costume party, and so much more. Best of all, the power of the design is in your hands! Does this jacket need fifteen bat designs crisscrossing the back, or would it benefit from only a few? You get to choose, and you get to do so with no restraints caused by a lack of artistic talent. Our Bat Stencils make Halloween decorations easy for anyone to accomplish with minimal room for error. If you have a heart for crafting, pick these stencils up today!

DIY Invitations
One of our favorite uses for these Bat Stencils is creating DIY party invitations. Adults and kids alike LOVE Halloween parties, and we can’t think of too many creatures that represent the spirit of Halloween like the bat! Not only is this remarkable animal mysterious in a way that evokes dark creepy-crawlies and things that go bump in the night, they are also closely related to vampires! What’s more “Halloweenish” than that? When people see how much effort went into your party invitations, they’ll know that they’re in for a treat when they show up to your door.

Striking Holiday Décor
Whether you’re decorating your home for Halloween or putting unique designs on your storefront windows, there’s no easier way to decorate a space than with these Bat Stencils. Combine them with some of our other Halloween favorites for a complete holiday décor that will impress even the stodgiest visitor! The great thing about these Bat Stencils is that they are so intricate and detailed, people will think you hired a pro to decorate your home. You’ll know the truth…but we won’t blame you if you keep it to yourself!