Floral Stencils

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Flowery designs are quickly becoming one of the hottest interior decoration trends in the country today, retaking their rightful place after years of being pushed to the side. And why not? Science has shown us what humans have naturally known throughout history: There’s something special about flowers that puts us in touch with our inner peace. Once you know that you can find this peace even through artificial depictions of flowers, why wouldn’t you decorate your home with them? Now you can! With these Floral Stencils, you can transform any space into a wonderland of petals, stems, and flowers.

A Different Kind of Wallpaper
If you’ve looked at the price of fine wallpaper lately, you’ve probably noticed that it is wildly expensive. It is also somewhat unfashionable. That may change in the future, but for now, you can get the same effect of wallpaper in a much more stylish and versatile way. All you need is a bucket of paint, a few brushes, and some of our Floral Stencils. In no time at all, you can create wall designs that are every bit as showy and fun as anything that comes on a roll. The only difference is that you can save hundreds of dollars by creating your design with a stencil (and you won’t have to worry about humidity ruining your walls).

Excellent Accent Designs
You don’t necessarily need to turn every wall in your home into a floral escapade, of course. In fact, many of our decorative-minded customers use these Floral Stencils to create a single accent flower in one corner of the room or one wall in the house. Sometimes less really is more, and you can look at any image blog to see why. The eye is naturally drawn to anything “different,” so it’s possible to make an enormous design impact with just a little bit of paint.