Herringbone Stencils

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Geometric wall designs are the hottest trend in contemporary room decoration, and now you can be part of this stylish movement with a Herringbone Stencil from Stencil Giant! Whether you’re looking to create a unique accent wall that will wow your guests or decorate anything else that needs a bit of a spruce-up, this stencil can be your most valuable tool. When combined with quality paint and just a modicum of technique, this Herringbone Stencil can give you an effect that is every bit as powerful as the most expensive wallpaper on the market. When you’re ready to take your wall decorating game to the next level, this stencil is waiting for you.

Decorating Textured Walls
Our mylar stencils are perfectly suited to decorating your walls, even if there is a textured surface. That said, some suggestions can make your venture more successful. When it comes to our Herringbone Stencil, we recommend the use of a spray adhesive when painting a rough wall; it can help you avoid paint seepage and keep your pattern looking sharp and detailed.

Decorating Fabrics
Many of our customers like to use this Herringbone Stencil to decorate fabrics such as rugs and curtains, and the results are remarkable. All of our mylar stencils are designed to be both lightweight and flexible, giving you the freedom to paint…well, just about anything you want! So if you’re looking for stencils you can use to decorate flags, curtains, rugs, flat surfaces, or even clothing, you’ve come to the right place.

Trendy and Classic
The great thing about this Herringbone Stencil is that while it will put your wall design right in the sweet spot of today’s style trends, it is also a classic pattern that will never go entirely out of fashion. When you’re in search of a design that is both modern and timeless, this is the one you want.