Lion Stencils

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Make your next project the king of the jungle with Lion Stencils from Stencil Giant.

Throughout history, the lion has represented pride, bravery, family lineage, royalty, and much more. The lion’s majestic mane and imposing presence has fascinated people since before the dawn of recorded history, and we don’t doubt that it will continue to amaze us for many generations to come. In the meantime, you can use these Lion Stencils to add a new dimension of gravitas to your arts and crafts. Kids and adults both love the lion and everything it represents, so don’t hesitate to use these stencils for any project you have on the docket!

The lion’s greatest symbolic power, of course, is in the realm of courage. There’s a reason, after all, that L. Frank Baum used the “Cowardly Lion” character to denote someone without courage. It was a contradiction in terms – who ever heard of a lion that was afraid of anything or anyone (except perhaps an African elephant)? So whenever you need to impart themes of courage and bravery, you can use these Lion Stencils to make an immediate connection with the viewer. They will see exactly what you’re trying to convey, and that’s the entire game when it comes to a successful piece of art.

These Lion Stencils are detailed and intricately cut to form without sacrificing any of the symbolic power you expect. From there, you can use a variety of painting techniques and colors to bring the lion to life in your own unique and creative way. That’s the fun of using stencils to make art! The high wire is still there to cross – you just have a net underneath you as you make your way forward. If you’ve never worked this way before, you may be surprised at how liberating it can be. Go forward with courage, and let these Lion Stencils guard you along the way!