Tiger Stencils

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The lion may be considered the King of the Jungle, but any animal expert will tell you that the tiger is the one that really wears the crown – not least because, unlike the lion, it actually lives in the jungle! Now you can bring the ferocious power of the tiger to your next art project with this Tiger Stencil from Stencil Giant. Known throughout the ages as an enduring icon of strength and bravery, the tiger can invoke emotion simply through its beautiful stripes and powerful muscular frame. If you’d like to imbue your craft, artwork, or decorative project with this power, use this Tiger Stencil to do so in a professional, fun way!

Striped Passion
Of course, if it weren’t emblazoned with those tell-tale stripes, it wouldn’t be a tiger! Unfortunately, when it comes to painting this animal with a freehand brush, there is a tendency for these stark and flowing lines to bleed into one another. This is especially true when painting against a smaller canvas, which many crafters like to do. So how do you paint a realistic tiger without making a mess of the final project? You use a Tiger Stencil! With our easy-to-use stencils, even the smallest tigers will come out looking beautiful and perfect, just like the animals they’re based on.

So Much Inspiration
The Tiger Stencil is one of our bestselling products, and it’s no wonder why. This versatile subject goes well with so many different applications, it’s hard to know where to start. Imagine painting one of these bad boys in the office at your pediatrician’s office! Think how it would look on the wall of your kindergarten classroom! And those are just two of the countless ideas we could name. This Tiger Stencil would look perfect on a sign outside a zoo, a museum wall, a child’s bedroom, and anywhere else that could use a touch of the WILD!