Welcome Stencils

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Whether you’re inviting friends and family into your home or customers into your retail shop, it’s important to put your best foot forward. You could do that with an expensive sign from the local craft store, and there’s nothing necessarily wrong with that. However, if you’d like a bit more control over the look and feel of your messaging, we recommend trying this Welcome Stencil! The elegant script will stand out against any surface – whether you choose to paint your welcoming message into a framed sign, an old piece of driftwood, or directly against the foyer wall. When you want to make people feel right at home in your house or place of business, use a Welcome Stencil from Stencil Giant!

Come Right In
There’s no end to the ways you could use this Welcome Stencil to invite others into your space with warmth and love. Because this stencil is so versatile, you could use it right up against your front door for a unique and stand-out message. You could use it to paint directly onto a front mat for a jaunty spin on an old classic. You could paint your message on furniture, walls, door frames, windows, jackets, and any other surface that comes to mind. Some retail stores have even had success using the large version of this Welcome Stencil to paint in giant letters on the pavement itself! If you have a special idea in mind, this stencil will help you bring it to fruition.

Turn Around and Sell Your Creations
One thing we don’t talk about enough is the ease with which you can turn stenciling into a small business of your own! Feel free to use our Welcome Stencil to create your own rustic signs and jubilant crafts, and you can then turn around and sell your creations online, at the local flea market, or anywhere else you might find prospective buyers. At a time when so many people are looking for extra money, this could be your ticket to freedom!