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Show your patriotic pride in style with this American Flag Star Stencil! We’re proud of every stencil we carry here on the site, but we have to admit we are partial to this one – and all of the ones in our collection that celebrate the United States. We are a 100% American-owned company, and all of our stencils are made right here in the good ol’ US of A. We can’t think of another stencil that better exemplifies our mission at Stencil Giant than this one. Not only does it pay extraordinary tribute to the greatest country in the world, it is simply beautiful in its own right. Painted to completion with blues, whites, and reds, this stencil can be the basis for a patriotic project second to none!

The Difficult Made Easy
Star designs aren’t necessarily hard to paint freehand when compared to more complex designs, but things get dicey when trying to apply them to an American flag template. After all, this is one scenario where uniqueness is your enemy. When a flag is painted with variously shaped stars and stripes, it just doesn’t look right! It needs to be uniform to properly convey the Star-Spangled Banner, and uniformity is exactly what you’ll get when you put this American Flag Star Stencil to work for you. Stencils are the ultimate tool when it comes to making difficult projects easy, and with placement, color, and painting technique under your control, you’ll sacrifice nothing in the way of creativity.

Fast Turnaround
Speed is the American way, and even though we offer some of the highest-quality stencils in the business, we want our customers to have their products as soon as possible. We’ll start working on your order the moment you place it, so you can get your American Flag Star Stencil in a matter of just a few days. Thanks for shopping with Stencil Giant!

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