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Wall Painting Stencils

Want to decorate your house with the best in designer wallpaper, but you’re reluctant about the exorbitant costs? Our wall stencils can give you everything you love about expensive wallpaper for a fraction of the cost!

With our wall stencils, the power of unlimited creativity is in your hands. We’ve laser-cut our 10-mil mylar stencils in such a way that anyone can use them. Whether you’re a first-time painter or a long-time veteran of interior design, you’ll find Stencil Giant’s products to be intuitive, easy-to-use, and professionally crafted for the best possible results. What’s better is that our stencils are completely reusable, so you can decorate an entire room with just a single product! Or, if you prefer, you can use more than one design to create a tapestry of flowing artistry that no wallpaper can match.

The problem with wallpaper (in addition to the expense) is that you’re stuck with the color choices offered by the manufacturer. With our wall stencils, you can pick literally any color scheme you want. Use a brush to combine colors to your heart’s content or use a spray can to get a nice, monochromatic effect across your walls. Either way, you can choose the paint that matches your existing décor and ensure that your designs flow with the overall feng shui of the room!

Large Wall Stencils

As for choices: We’ve got plenty of wall stencils for you to choose from. Maybe you want to redo your bathroom walls with a trendy trellis design. Perhaps a cascade of flowing pearls is more to your liking. Whatever your designing tendencies, we’re certain that you can find something in our collection that will strike your fancy. If you can’t, make sure you reach out and talk to us, because we may be able to find a solution that works for you!

Stencils For Walls

If you have a more imaginative take on wall decoration, please check the categories on the left to find all the designs Stencil Giant has to offer. From animal themes to sports stencils, we’ve stocked our virtual shelves with everything the burgeoning stenciler could ever want. Enjoy our stencils for wall and thanks for shopping!

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