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If you’ve been looking to give your home a makeover, chances are that you’ve come across a designer or two who has recommended using wall tiles to make a functional, trendy statement. Once limited to their use in bathrooms and kitchens, wall tiles have become a popular – if expensive – way to decorate other areas of the home as well. Unfortunately, their expense and vulnerability make them poor choices for many homeowners. If you think the tile look is a dead end, though, think again. Our Tile Stencils can give you all of the drama and glamor of wall tiles at a fraction of the cost!

Our collection of tile stencils is vast. We’ve tried to stock enough designs so that even a longtime stencil designer will look at our selections and say, wow! Because of the many options we offer, you will have plenty of choices at your disposal. Even after you’ve settled on a design, how you use it is all up to you! Some of our users prefer to use brushes to get a multi-colored look on their favorite walls. Others go with a roller or a spray can to get that monochromatic effect.

No matter which tile stencils you choose, you’ll be able to use them on a variety of surfaces in your home. We have customers who have used our stencils to redo their living room walls. We have others who have carefully painted an accent wall to dramatic effect. These stencils are also great for kitchen backsplashes or even flooring. What’s certain is that they are a lot more affordable (and a lot less trouble) than wallpaper. And when you compare the finished product with real tile? You’ll wonder why anyone would spend a fortune to get the same, terrific appearance!

If you’re using our tile stencils to paint over actual tiles, pay close attention to the sizes we offer. Measure your own tiles from edge to edge and then use that number to select your size. If you’re using our stencils over a blank, smooth wall, you can use a special grout-line stencil to get picture-perfect lines separating the “tiles” and making your work indistinguishable from the real thing. A word of advice – get two tile stencils for your project, if only to hurry the job along. Also, if you need to, you can cut one of the stencils down to size to get into a tight corner or two.

All of our tile stencils are crafted up to the highest industry standards, and we’re certain that you’ll appreciate the Stencil Giant quality.

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