Designs Stencils

Welcome to the Designs Stencils category, only to be found right here at Stencil Giant! This is something of a catch-all category for all of the imaginative and limitless templates that don’t quite fit other, more specific categories. If you have been looking for patterns that you can’t quite “name,” you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in this category. From brick patterns to geometric images that dazzle the senses, everything you need to create wall art that goes head-to-head with the finest wallpaper you can buy is right here in this section. And because you’re using these accessible, easy-to-use stencils, you’ll be able to replicate the images across any size surface you have your eye on! Dive into this category if you have a taste for the abstract.

Designs Stencils Vs. Wallpaper

For a long time, wallpaper was considered outdated in the world of interior design. That has changed in recent years because homeowners grew tired of looking at the same, boring walls. But what if you want the look of wallpaper and its imaginative designs but don’t want the downsides? Is there an option? The answer is: Of course! The solution lies in these Designs Stencils from Stencil Giant, which can replicate some of the most intricate patterns found in wallpaper while saving you money in the process. After all, good wallpaper is expensive – even more so if you hire a professional to install it. These stencils, on the other hand, are affordable and easy to use yourself. For a way to make your walls look great for a fraction of the cost, turn to these Designs Stencils.

Number Stencils

You can find a full selection of Number Stencils on our site in the aforementioned category, but we’ve got a few examples right here in the Designs section as well. Number Stencils are some of our hottest-selling products; it seems that many homeowners and DIY crafters need precise and well-designed numbers for their personal projects. We’ve even had customers tell us about small businesses they’ve started with a little help from our Designs Stencils; in many communities, you can make a small fortune painting parking spaces or home addresses on the street curb. But even if you don’t have your sights set on small-business domination, you’ll be able to find a meaningful use for these Number Stencils.

Let Your Creativity Soar

They may be well-suited to wallpaper-like projects, but these Designs Stencils aren’t meant to be viewed through such a narrow lens. Yes, they are a perfect alternative to wallpaper, but they can also be used on any other smooth surface you can imagine. Our stencils are ready to be used on clothing, furniture, drapery, cement, glass, and any other canvas you have in mind. Skeptics sometimes believe that stencils stifle creativity; we believe just the opposite to be true! Try our Designs Stencils for your next project, and you’ll become a convert – we’re sure of it.

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