Sports Stencils

Our collection of sports stencils pays homage to the many athletic competitions that play such a huge role in the lives of Americans. Whether you prefer football, baseball, or basketball, you can be sure to find the stencils you need to turn that sport into an integral part of your decoration scheme. Feel free to browse our sports stencils and see how a little bit of art can bring the thrilling pleasure of these games right into your next DIY project.

Do you have a sports junkie in your home? Or maybe YOU are the one who can be found parked on the couch every Sunday during football season? Perhaps you have a son whose entire life revolves around Little League! Whatever the case may be, you can use these sports stencils to decorate anything you like with the images most commonly associated with America’s greatest games. There’s something uniquely passionate about a real sports enthusiast, and we’ve chosen stencil designs that will translate that passion to any surface you choose.

Sometimes customers ask us about those free printable stencils found on internet crafting sites. Our answer? Those are fine if you simply intend to color a picture or perhaps bake a pan of cookies. But if you’re looking to paint anything more elaborate than a sheet of paper, we strongly recommend our durable, 10-mil Mylar stencils. They are very affordable, effortlessly washable, and extremely reusable, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank. You can be assured that you will get the biggest bang for your buck when you shop at Stencil Giant!

With our sports stencils, your designs are only limited by your imagination. Want to decorate a team’s worth of sports jerseys? You can do it! Want to paint your child’s bedroom with footballs, soccer balls, and hockey sticks? We’ve got the tools you need! You can also use our stencils to paint walls, add decorations to the floors, adorn a tablecloth, create a sports party atmosphere; it’s all up to you. You can use our sports stencils to complete whatever fun project you have in mind!

If you’re ready to begin your decorating endeavor, count on our sports stencils to help you knock it out of the park!

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