Floor Stencils

Are you looking for a stylish, unique, and affordable solution to custom flooring? Look no further than our collection of floor stencils!

Clearly, any designs you find here at Stencil Giant can be used on flooring just as well as they can be used on any other surface. Still, a special category was created for special stencils that were created specifically for flooring use. These patterns tend to work particularly well with flooring, and our customers gravitate towards these designs when tackling those tricky floor paint jobs. Our designs have been used in DIY floor painting projects from coast to coast; they are perfect for kitchen tiles, regular flooring tiles, linoleum, plywood, concrete, ceramic, and so many other types of flooring.

When you want a custom painted floor that stock designs can’t give you, our floor stencils can rescue you from the doldrums of commercial flooring. Use our tile stencils to create a look that would cost you a fortune if you used real cement! Instead of going through the cost and headache of replacing your tile floors, simply use our floor stencils to give your flooring a makeover. All you need is the right paint, a good brush (or spray can), and…that’s about all. No artistic talent required!

With a little bit of care and technique, you can use our floor stencils to get an expensive, patterned look without breaking the bank. Stencil each tile individually to give your floor a unique and well-flowing design. If painting tiles of different sizes, you can purchase floor stencils to match. Each of our designs comes in a range of sizes, so you never need to worry about just “making do.” Of course, many of our customers prefer to go with a very large stencil that covers an enormous area in one go.

Most of our floor designs are intricately crafted – not just for the sake of beauty but for the sake of practicality as well. Once you’ve put paint to material, our designs work well to hide little flaws in your flooring (as well as the occasional crumbs from messy eaters)! And since our stencils are so easy to use, you can paint a design that you would never be able to accomplish freehand.

Thanks for shopping with Stencil Giant – we hope you are FLOORED with our selections!

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