Cat Stencils

With a little help from the Cat Stencils in this category, you can transform your walls, clothes, or even furniture into celebrations of our closest feline friends. Cats are known for their hyper-alertness, aloof personalities, and soft coats (when they allow you to pet them, that is), and they are among the most popular house pets in the world. Of course, cats didn’t just spring out of the blue yesterday; they were already honored and revered in the days of ancient Egypt. Because of this, these mysterious animals have accumulated a millennia’s worth of symbolism – from curiosity to rebirth to bad omens. You can use these stencils to dabble in metaphor, or you can use them to honor the cat as it is. Either way, you’ll find plenty of artistic options here at Stencil Giant!

Decorate It All

The great thing about using these durable-yet-versatile Cat Stencils is that you have the freedom to decorate almost anything you want. From the walls of your child’s bedroom to plain white t-shirts, the world is your canvas. Depending on the texture of the surface and the type of paint you use, you can decorate shoes, clothing, fabric, dressers, walls, invitations, posters, and much more! Because these stencils are made from 10 mil Mylar, you get a unique combination of sturdiness and flexibility. In other words, they will lie flat without rolling up, but they can also gently wrap around curved surfaces. In tandem, this makes for an easy and fulfilling artistic experience, no matter your level of experience or talent.

Fun for the Whole Family

Many craft tools are too advanced for children, given their limited fine motor control. Indeed, the same could be said for many adults who struggle with anything more elaborate than a smiley face. The good news is that these cat stencils provide everyone with a ticket to the fun. Whether you graduated from a prestigious art school or still draw a sun in the top-left corner of every outdoor scene, you’ll be able to create stunning artwork with these products. Every week, we hear from customers who have always had a wellspring of creativity inside them but could never translate their visions into physical reality. Products such as these Cat Stencils can unleash that hidden creativity and allow you to create masterworks of artistic glory. Or, you know, at least enable you to paint a whimsical picture of a cat on your daughter’s wall.

Many Different Designs

Most stencil shops carry only a handful of cat designs, limiting your creative freedom. That’s not the case here at Stencil Giant, where you’ll find dozens of inventive templates that will give every cat lover something to meow about. You’ll find cats playing with mice, cats lounging, cats peering over walls, realistic paw prints, and much more. You’ll even find variations in the cat designs themselves – from the silky coat of the ragdoll to the teddy-bear cuteness of the British shorthair. This not only gives you a wider menu of artistic options, but it also lets you pick just the right cat for the project. Perhaps you’ll even find one that looks like the little guy you have at home!

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