Dog Stencils

Dog Stencil

Did you know that there are more than 150 different dog breeds around the world? Did you know that more than 60 million American households keep at least one dog as a pet? And about those lucky enough to own a dog – did you know that 95% of them consider the dog a member of the family? With those stats at hand, you know that dog ownership is among the highest honors a person can experience. Of course, anyone who has ever had a beloved pet will not need numbers to tell them this. They will know it through the unconditional love they have for their dog…and the (even more powerful) love they get from their dog in return. If you want to pay homage to the most popular pet in the world, you can do so with this Dog Stencil from Stencil Giant!


Decorate Your Doghouse

There are few things more American than a doghouse in the backyard. While many pet owners prefer to keep their dogs inside, especially during the harsher months of the year, some dogs are happier when they have space to roam. As long as you have a well-behaved dog and a roomy (and enclosed) backyard, you can create a paradise for your furry friend right outside the home. A doghouse goes hand in hand with that, giving your pup a place to get out of the sun and feel “safe.” And what better way to decorate your doghouse than with this Dog Stencil? No matter what colors you use (or what color the doghouse is), you’ll find that this dog painting adds charm to the décor. Get yours today and try it out! Your dog will undoubtedly love it!


Perfect for Many Settings

Customers from all over the country turn to our Dog Stencil when they want to improve a surface. What surface? Well, that’s up to you! Provided you have the right spray paint, you can use this stencil on wood, plastic, glass, and just about any other surface you can imagine. The only trouble you might run into is on craggy surfaces (a popcorn ceiling is a good example, a rough concrete driveway might be another). As long as the surface is reasonably flat, however, you can easily use this Dog Stencil to create a beautiful and charming picture. And because our Mylar stencils have some flexibility to them, you can even wrap them around rounded corners to decorate mugs, jars, and other curved surfaces!


Use Again and Again

These stencils are highly durable and as long as you wash and dry them properly after every use, you can bring them back out time and again without any degradation of quality. This makes them perfect for kindergarten classrooms, art classes, and anywhere else where you’d like a fun new craft for children to enjoy. It also means you can loan out your Dog Stencils for your friends to try. If you’d like a quick, easy, reliable way to paint a picture-perfect dog, you won’t find a better tool. Get yours now only at Stencil Giant!


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