Fish Stencils

When you’re ready to bring the beauty and mystery of the underwater kingdom to your next DIY or crafting project, browse our collection of fish stencils to find all the tools you need to make your vision a reality!

Whether you have a kid who is obsessed with Finding Nemo or you want to reimagine your favorite bathroom with a “beachy” décor, our fish stencils can help you turn your mental picture into a living reality. Humans have been drawn to sea life and ocean themes for the entirety of recorded history, perhaps hearkening back to our evolutionary beginnings. No matter the cause, one thing is sure: A well-designed sea theme can add a whole new, fun dimension to any craft or room you choose to tackle.

Unlike most of the stencils on our site, did you know that there are practical uses for our fish designs? Yes, if you’re a boat owner who likes to sail the waterways in search of the next big catch, you may find our stencils useful for your endeavor. Simply paint the bottom of your boat with a group of fish and you’ll have a better teaser than any bait shop can provide. You can use a special marine grade paint to ensure the durability of your design and you can turn your boat into a moving school of fish in no time at all!

Not into fishing? You just want to add some color and life to a room? Well, our fish stencils can definitely help you with that. Paint a kid’s toy chest to give it a sea life theme. Add fish paintings to a small box in the guest bathroom to capture a shore theme. Or, if you take your colors in a different direction, you can easily take a bowl (or an entire room) and give it an Asian design theme with the right pattern of fish.

But don’t feel as though you’re limited to hard surfaces – our fish stencils work great for painting designs onto fabrics. Decorate an old pair of jeans, a jacket, a t-shirt, or even a cute tote bag that you want to bring with you to the beach! The only limit our fish stencils have are the ones you impose with your imagination.

Happy fishing…er, we mean shopping!

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