State Stencils

Ready to show a little pride in your home state? Use our collection of state stencils to let everyone know that you love…wherever it is that you’re from!

We’ve drafted and cut designs for each one of the 50 wonderful states that make up our undivided Union, and each one of them is as unique in their crafting as their counterparts are in their history and culture. With a little help from our state stencils, you can take any state from Alaska to Maine and turn it into a colorful design. Whether you’re interested in decorating a sign, a wall, a headboard for a child’s bed, or a DIY craft of your own invention, our state stencils are perfect for the job!

Don’t feel that you have to confine your design ideas to traditionally flat, hard surfaces in your home. By no means! You can use our state stencils to demonstrate your hometown pride in just about any way that comes to mind. With the right paint and a steady hand, you can decorate posters, t-shirts, a car window, or even a metal sign for hanging in your retail establishment.

We’ve even had customers use our state stencil designs in combination with our letter stencils to create terrific messages. This is particularly the case in Florida, where residents love using the state’s unique shape in a multitude of fun and interesting ways. But even if you’re from a box-y state like Wyoming or Nebraska, our state stencils can still give you all of the creative freedom you need.

Perhaps you have a plan to incorporate not just one state into your design but all of them! This is a popular craft for travelers, who like to fill up a wall with painted outlines of all the states they’ve been to on vacation. If you have a taste for the open road, use our state stencils to chronicle your journeys!

Our state stencils are available in a wide range of designs and sizes, but they are all made from flexible, sturdy 10 mil mylar, ensuring that they have all the durability you need to complete as many projects as you like. Newcomers to the stenciling process will find our templates welcoming while veteran stencil painters will notice the Stencil Giant quality difference.

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