Letter Stencils

Are you ready to move on from the laborious practice of piecing together adhesive letters or the wallet-emptying drudgery of buying expensive signs? Then we encourage you to browse through out extensive collection of laser-cut letter stencils, which are ready-made to give you an easy and affordable alternative for all of your painting, signage, and arts-and-crafts needs!

Our letter stencils are the perfect tool for when you want to spruce up a room with color, creativity, and a little of the ol’ razzle-dazzle. Some of our 10-mil mylar stencils come with popular and meaningful quotes, and some are beautiful alphabets that give you the freedom to “write” whatever you want on the surface of your choice. Either way, you can rest assured that when you purchase from Stencil Giant, you are getting the best stencils the market has to offer!

Using our letter stencils is so easy, a child can do it (and many do)! All you have to do is lay the stencil flat against any appropriate surface – be it a wall in your child’s bedroom, a blank wooden sign, or any other paintable palette. Use either a brush or a spray can to apply the paint, remove the stencil, and you’re all done. Without the slightest amount of artistic training or talent, you can have a beautiful, one-of-a-kind painting creation.

What will you use our letter stencils for? If you’re looking for ideas, we’ve got a few suggestions: Redecorate your child’s bedroom with a fun, easy-to-read alphabet to help familiarize them with the building blocks of literacy; create a fun sign for the kitchen that let’s everyone know how much you love your coffee in the morning; design special quotes and sayings for every room in the house; redecorate your mailbox with your family name. Literally, the options are endless!

But maybe you’re not interested in changing your interior design. Maybe you just want to make some fun art! Well, our letter stencils are perfect for that as well. Many of today’s most cutting edge artists – including the infamous Banksy – incorporate stencils into their creations. We’re not encouraging you to “tag” the side of a restaurant downtown, but if you want to use our stencils to paint a canvas, go for it. That’s what they’re for!

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