Unicorn Stencils

Children love the beauty and mystery of the mythical unicorn, and plenty of adults remember their fascination with these magical horses as they grow older. We should all cherish those parts of our innocent, younger selves that refuse to disintegrate with time! And if putting a unicorn into your next DIY project will help you recapture some of that magic, why not give it a try? Even if you’re merely passing that love down to your own daughter or spreading joy to a class of kindergartners, it is a love worth passing. Now, with this Unicorn Stencil from Stencil Giant, it has never been easier to incorporate this adored creature into your artwork.

This Unicorn Stencil has been designed to simulate the magical horse in motion, and if you listen carefully, you might even hear its hooves galloping along a wooded path and see its mighty muscles rippling beneath its powerful hide. Take note of the sharp, elongated horn, which is what gives the unicorn its name and its place in our mythical history. No matter how you put this stencil to use, you’re sure to turn an otherwise-ordinary surface into something truly remarkable!

And how about those surfaces! With this Unicorn Stencil and the right paint supplies, you can put this design on almost anything you can imagine. Wouldn’t your unicorn-obsessed child love to see this on their bedroom wall when they come home from school? Might not your pre-teen like this design on the back of their favorite jacket? You no longer have to be an art expert to make it happen – with this Unicorn Stencil, all dreams are possible. Have fun!

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