Heart Stencils

It is one of the most recognizable symbols in art, and it’s one that even children learn to draw at a very young age. While the traditional “heart” shape in art has little to do with the actual shape of the human heart, it has come to be an iconic representation of love throughout all cultures and ages. Now, with a little help from the Heart Stencils found here at Stencil Giant, you can easily use this symbol as a starting place for your own artistic creativity!

Some of the heart shapes you’ll discover on the site are simple and straightforward; others are elaborate and embellished. You can use whatever criteria you want to select the ones that are right for your project, but the good news is this: Whether you prefer simple or complex, you’ll never need to let “difficulty” be a factor. When you use our 10 mil Mylar stencils, all creative endeavors are made easy!

You may be thinking, “Well, I’m not much of an artist, but I can at least draw a heart!” That’s probably true for most readers. The problem is, can you create an exact replica of your drawing over and over again so that it looks clean, neat, and professional throughout the project? Do you even want to try? Why struggle to meet these exacting demands when an alternative solution is at hand? That’s the beauty of these stencils; they take the grunt work out of the process and allow you to focus on what matters most – namely, letting your creativity flow with minimal obstruction.

As for those projects, there are no limits on what you can create when you unleash the power of stencils! Some possibilities include: Valentine’s Day invitations and cards, wedding decorations, anniversary party placards, celebrations for a newborn baby’s arrival, posters, gift boxes, and much more. Take this list as a starting point for your own ideas, because we’re sure that you have them. That’s half the fun of using stencils – when you don’t have to worry about your artistic limits, you can let your imagination soar as freely as you wish.

When you purchase and use one of the Heart Stencils in our collection, you’ll tap into an artistic tradition dating back hundreds of years! Isn’t there something empowering about that? According to the historical record, the heart shape was first connected with love in the 1250s. A French manuscript from that era included an illustration of a young man holding the symbol up to a young woman – the object of his desire. In time, the symbol came to be inextricably associated with that feeling of romance that we know as love to this day! With no previous drawing or painting talent, you can now use these stencils to carry on that tradition and create something unique and beautiful.


Don’t hesitate – the fun is here waiting for you to begin!


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