Star Stencils

Stars may be giant balls of ultra-hot gas, but they’ve come to mean so much more than that in various cultures throughout history. Highly decorative and full of symbolic resonance, stars can be found in everything from patriotic expressions to religious paintings. If you want to incorporate these versatile designs into your next painting project, our star stencils can give you a huge head start!

Our night sky is full of stars, always reminding us that we are not alone in the universe. The jury is still out when it comes to life throughout the galaxy, but we know to a certainty that the sum total of existence does not begin and end at Earth’s borders. Looking up at those stars – and the fathomless amount of space in between them – can make one feel simultaneously small and, paradoxically, a part of something much larger. With our star stencils, you can bring a little bit of that galactic wonder into your home design, your next art project, or your next DIY crafting effort.

Stars, of course, mean something different to everyone. Commonly used to describe celebrities, they are a big part of any “Hollywood” decoration scheme.

Used in the flags of more than 50 countries (including, naturally, the United States), they are also important when it comes to patriotic design schemes.

They even play a part in the three major Abrahamic religions: The star of Bethlehem is said to have guided the wise men to Jesus’s birth; the Star of David is central to Judaism, and Islam is characterized by a star and crescent moon design. Depending on how they’re used, how many points they have, and how you group them, stars can symbolize just about anything you want them to!

Of course, stars are also regularly used to denote quality: Great movies get “four stars” and terrific restaurants are often rated on the star-scale as well.

But who says that stars have to “mean” anything at all? One of our favorite DIY projects involves using our star stencils together with some glow-in-the-dark paint. That’s all you need to turn your child’s bedroom ceiling into an astronomical wonder that will keep them dreaming of an endless universe as they drift off to sleep each night. What a terrific way to get your kid interested in the science of space!

No matter how you want to use these magnificent celestial bodies in your décor, our star stencils will get you off the ground!

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