Number Stencils

Our laser-cut Number Stencils are some of the best-selling products on the site, and it’s no wonder why: They can be used in so many different ways! Number stencils are perfect for keeping parking lots neatly organized, giving drivers useful information in parking garages, decorating mailboxes with the correct address, labeling spaces inside the home, and much more. Just think about how often you see numbers throughout your average day, and you’ll immediately see how many wonderful applications number stencils serve.

We’ve specially designed our collection of number stencils to give you the freedom of expansive choice. We’ve included popular fonts, a complete range of sizes, and all the numbers you need in both individual selections and comprehensive collections. Browse through our virtual shelves and we’re confident that you’ll soon find exactly what you’ve been looking for. If you have any trouble, reach out and contact us and we’ll do whatever we can to match you up with a perfect stenciling solution!

One of our greatest joys at Stencil Giant is finding out how our customers are putting our products to use. Here’s some of the terrific ideas we’ve heard about using our number stencils:

  • Customers have used them to carefully identify separate parking spaces in apartment lots.
  • They have been used to number storage spaces as an organizational tool without equal.
  • They’ve been used for DIY crafts of all sorts – especially ones that involve getting children familiar with the numeric system.

But even after all that, we have to tell you about our absolute favorite application: Using our number stencils to make money!

That’s right, if you’ve been looking for a way to make some extra cash, our number stencils can help you get a small business off the ground almost immediately. Simply advertise curb-painting services to any neighborhood in your community! Homeowners with clearly-numbered curbs can be sure that everyone from firefighters to pizza delivery services can find their address without having to strain their eyes. Once you get a little practice under your belt, you can knock a curb-painting job out in less than fifteen minutes and make a small fortune for yourself through sheer volume!

Whether you’re interested in making some money or you just need to complete a personal project, our number stencils are the right tool for the job!

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