Cherry Blossom Stencils

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Cherry blossoms, those impossibly beautiful Japanese natives gifted to the United States in the first half of the 20th century, bloom for only a couple of short months each spring. This makes their beauty not only wondrous, but also heartbreakingly fleeting. Thankfully, you don’t have to wait for March to enjoy this Cherry Blossom Stencil. With a collection of pastel paints, you can turn any surface into a canvas for these delicate flowers and all they represent. Floral designs pose a challenge to even the most talented artists, but this Cherry Blossom Stencil will allow you to reproduce picture-perfect cherry blossoms whenever you want.

Crafts Small and Large
At Stencil Giant, we know that stencils are only the starting point when it comes to your expression of creativity and imagination. We offer a number of sizes, so you can use this Cherry Blossom Stencil to decorate crafts large and small. Whether you want to paint the intricate image onto a tiny Japanese bowl or onto an accent wall that covers the entire back half of your living room, you can do so with the stencils in our collection. These stencils are also perfect for decorating doors, windows, furniture, and even clothing.

Meaningful Beauty
This Cherry Blossom Stencil is beautiful in its own right, of course, and you don’t necessarily need to dig into its symbolism to enjoy the design. That said, if there is any flower with more meaning attributed to it, we would be hard-pressed to find it. In Japan, the cherry blossom is revered as symbolic of the clouds – which in turn makes it the perfect metaphor for the fleeting and ever-changing nature of life itself. Whether you want to symbolize mortality, destiny, or Japanese culture itself, you’ll find very few designs better suited to the job than this one.