Ornament Stencils

Nothing brings a Christmas tree to life like traditional, colorful ornaments. With our ornament stencils, you can create custom decorations that will not only beautify your tree but create long-lasting keepsakes that have special meaning to you and your family!

Certainly, there’s nothing wrong with buying pre-packaged ornaments from the store, but we find that a Christmas tree’s true charm only emerges when it’s decorated with ornaments that actually mean something. That doesn’t mean you have to trace every ornament’s lineage back to the Mayflower, it just means that you can look at them and connect them with a memory or a story. It could be an ornament you picked up while on vacation in a new locale, it could be an ornament that commemorates a new baby, or…it could be an ornament you made yourself!

With our stencils, making your own ornaments has never been easier. You don’t have to worry about having a lot of artistic talent. Here’s one idea: Get a bunch of wood slices from your local craft store along with some twine. You can paint one side of the wood white if you like or leave it unfinished for a more natural look. Then, use our stencils to paint the design onto the front of the slice, hang it on the tree when dry, and you have a custom-made, special ornament – and the memory that goes along with it. It’s so simple a child could do it!

But that’s just one idea. The great thing about our detailed, beautiful ornament stencils is that you can use them on nearly any surface that comes to mind. You don’t even need to be held captive to the idea that these designs must go on the tree. They are perfect for windows, cards, gift boxes, wrapping paper, signs, and so much more. And since you can use any colors you like, you can mix and match patterns to make an unlimited number of custom ornamental designs. Our stencils are durable and fully washable, so feel free to reuse them as often as you like.

Using our ornament stencils gives you an economical, creative way to bring more joy and beauty into the holiday season. Thanks for shopping with Stencil Giant, and let us know if we can help you with anything!

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