Cloud Stencils

Who among us doesn’t have a memory of lying on the grass as a kid, looking up at the vast sky, and finding hidden images in the clouds above? We imagine that people have been looking for symbolic interpretations in the heavens since the dawn of humankind, and we predict that our descendants will be doing it until the end of time. Clouds are that perfect mixture of the solid and the ethereal – like crystals and flowers – that capture the heart of the human soul. Now you can bring that mystic beauty into your next art project with Cloud Stencils from Stencil Giant!

Summer Afternoon in a Stencil
Even young children know to add clouds to the sky when coloring their first fledgling attempts at original artwork. The sky simply doesn’t look finished until these touches are in place. Culturally, cartoons from The Simpsons to Toy Story have given artistic clouds a whole new meaning, and you’ll find them painted onto nursery walls and preschool classroom ceilings around the country. What better to capture the lazy, languid feeling of a summer afternoon? Now you can do the same with these Cloud Stencils. The shapes will bring out the best in your artwork and create a new dimension to your next crafting project.

Perfect For Almost Any Surface
Our Cloud Stencils are made from durable mylar, making them the perfect balance between flexibility and firmness. We didn’t make this choice by accident; we wanted a material that could bend around corners without frustrating painters with flimsiness. We also wanted a material you could use to paint almost any surface imaginable: Walls, ceilings, wood, floors, windows, clothing, curtains, and more. And as long as you’re careful about washing your Cloud Stencils when you’re done, there’s no reason you can’t get years of use out of a single purchase!

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