Coffee Stencils

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Coffee is as much a part of the American tradition as apple pie and baseball. Indeed, if we restrict ourselves to the modern world, we’d argue that coffee plays a far bigger role in our lives than those two treasured institutions. There aren’t many people having a piece of apple pie every morning before work. We don’t see national baseball stores on every metropolitan street corner. Coffee is king, and now you can represent its warm, caffeinated power with Coffee Stencils from Stencil Giant! This painting may not give you the morning boost you need to get through the day, but it’s so realistic that you just MIGHT smell those lovely roasted beans as you put paint to canvas.

Put Some Energy Into Your Project
Sometimes you can just LOOK at a steaming cup of coffee and feel your senses coming to life. Er, or maybe that’s just our own addiction talking! Either way, these Coffee Stencils will have you putting a jolt of enthusiasm back into your arts and crafts. There’s no mistaking that round cup and the heat waves emanating from the brim. You’ll get all the benefits of that soaring energy without the afternoon crash that inevitably accompanies your daily Starbucks. If you feel as though you’ve lost some of that mysterious “oomph” that your painting used to have, try these Coffee Stencils – they may just hold the secret ingredient you’ve been looking for!

Get Going On Terrific Art
What’s the purpose of coffee, anyway? To get you up and going! Well, treat this Coffee Stencils the same way. If you’ve been reluctant to try your first stenciling craft or are uncertain about your ability to put these stencils to work, now’s your chance to push past resistance and give it a try! We can tell you from our own experience – and from what we hear from our customers every day – that you won’t regret it.