Communication Stencils

Communication lies at the heart of human culture, and we can go back thousands of years to find examples of people finding new ways to spread news, inform, and gossip about their neighbors. Of course, communication looks a lot differently these days than it did twenty years ago, much less 2,000. The printing press is no longer a state-of-the-art game changer; today, you can go on your favorite social media app and let the whole world know exactly what you think about a certain topic. But there is a throughline from, say, the telegram machine to the modem to the smartphone. Pay tribute to all of our crazy ways to talk to each other with these Communication Stencils from Stencil Giant!

Everything You Need to Create Great Artwork

As long as you have a few simple ingredients, you can make realistic artwork with any of the Communication Stencils on our website. You just need a relatively flat surface, a good can of spray paint (or sponges and a traditional can of paint), and the stencil itself! You’ll notice that we didn’t include “talent” or “ability” in our list of ingredients; that’s because they aren’t required. It’s great if you can bring some inherent talent and practiced ability to the table, but believe us: It is in no way a prerequisite! We’ve seen everyone, from experienced artists to complete newbies, create wonderful images with the stencils on our site. And every day, we hear from customers just like you who have been able to replicate that success in their own projects.

Paint Any Surface You Like

Unlike the flimsy, cheap stencils you can find at inferior stores, our stencils are versatile and durable. This means that they can last a long time, but it also means you have greater freedom when it comes to choosing your canvas. You don’t have to find the flattest, smoothest wall in your home to make these stencils work. As long as you have the right paint for the job, you can use just about any surface you like: Floors, walls, ceilings, driveways, furniture, clothing, tablecloths – the possibilities are endless. The only caution we would offer is that pebbled/gravelly surfaces do not work particularly well with stencils. Try to find a smooth surface if you want your images to come out perfectly.

Communicate Your Ideas

There is a similarity between our stencils and an invention like the telephone. Before modern-day communication methods, only the rich and well-connected would have access to far-away news and far-away relatives. The telephone (and later, the various inventions that came out of the internet) changed all that. Suddenly, almost everyone could communicate across any expanse! Similarly, these Communication Stencils let anyone of any talent level bring their ideas into physical reality. We love the idea of democratizing art, and nothing does the job better than these stencils – try them and find out for yourself!

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