Cookie Stencils

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Make your next baking endeavor extra special with these Cookie Stencils from Stencil Giant! Our food-related categories have proven to be perennial favorites, and we’re not surprised. These stencils invoke everything from delicious cakes to sumptuous vegetables, all with the artistic spin that we bring to all of our stencils. That said, there is something especially wonderful about our Cookie Stencils, if you ask us. Just take a look at this design and tell us you can’t imagine a warm, chocolate-chip cookie melting in your mouth at the end of a cold winter day! The imagery only grows more powerful when you add your own special touch to the design, of course, which you can easily do with the paints and colors of your choice.

Decorate Your Tablecloths
Are you planning a holiday dessert tasting? Do you want some special designs for your restaurant tablecloth? No matter what kind of dining scenario you have in mind, you’ll find that these Cookie Stencils will add a sweet dimension that can’t be achieved with any other design. Fun, whimsical, and cute, these cookie images will invoke memories of family gatherings while whetting everyone’s appetite for the main course! Of course, if you are serving cookies at your dinner, that’s even more reason to use these stencils for a themed evening of sugary delights.

Awesome Box Décor
If you’re planning on baking up some holiday cookies – or cookies for any other occasion – you can now deliver them to their intended recipients in something more festive than a plain white box. With these Cookie Stencils, you can transform the box into a semi-professional carrier, which will only put the spotlight back on the treats and their baker. People love to get gifts that have some thought put behind them, be it the cookies themselves or how they were delivered. Go the extra mile, and bring some extra cheer to your friends and family with these Cookie Stencils!