Damask Stencils

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Intricate patterns are where stencils really get their chance to shine. While even an untalented artist can make do with freehand interpretations of suns, stars, and trees, it takes something more to create a repeating pattern that you can use for everything from small projects to giant decorative canvases. These Damask Stencils from Stencil Giant is the perfect representation of the solution. Using a design that has been used for home décor since the 19th century (without ever going out of style), this stencil gives you a passport to creating old-world elegance in a modern home. If you’ve been looking for an efficient, professional way to decorate anything from greeting cards to bathroom walls, this Damask Stencil is exactly what you need!

Creativity Unleashed
One of the great things about this Damask Stencil is that it lends itself to an almost unlimited number of different project types. Because the design is both intricate and “generic,” for lack of a better word, it can provide the subtle but brilliant background to so many kinds of things: Greeting cards, signs, walls, tablecloths, t-shirts, wooden art, posters, and more. The design really comes to life when you mix and match colors in an exciting and tasteful way. Imagine this template painted black in front of a pastel purple wall, or the red design against a stark white background! Let your creativity shine through the application of this Damask Stencil.

Easy to Use
It’s common for beginners to look at a stencil like this and think they have to somehow “work up to” a design with this level of intricacy, but that’s not the case. Our stencils are easy to use, no matter what the underlying template might offer. If you can paint through a simple apple stencil, you can do the same with this Damask Stencil. Either way, you’ll get the same professional results every time you put paint to canvas.