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Of all the building materials we use to create houses and schools and offices of all shapes and sizes, none has quite the same character as the mighty American brick. Whispering to us untold years of masonry history, the brick has come to symbolize some of the traits we value most in human beings – strength, longevity, and even wisdom. After all, which of the three pigs used brick to build his home, defying the destructive ambitions of the Big, Bad Wolf? If you’d like to bring some of these qualities to your next DIY project, let us suggest this Brick Stencil. With no experience at all, you can create a brick-patterned masterpiece on any surface you desire!

With this Brick Stencil, you can do so much. What we love most about it, though, is the way it puts intricate wall art within the grasp of even the novice painter. Oh, you thought your choices were “outdated wallpaper” and “boring, one-toned paint” when it came to decorating your interior walls? Please think again! This Brick Stencil is one of several templates in our Stencil Giant collection that you can use to bring a whole new dimension to your interior design. Far more beautiful (and much easier to apply) than wallpaper, this stencil can give you a stunning brick design on your walls that will make you the envy of the neighborhood.

Of course, like all of our products, this Brick Stencil is also amazingly resilient and flexible. In addition to being perfect for wall design, it can be used against almost any surface you imagine. So if you’re more interested in painting floors, garden fences, glass windows, or metal signs, have at it! With the right paints, you can make anything look fantastic with this Brick Stencil from Stencil Giant!

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