Family Stencils

Welcome to the Family Stencils section of Stencil Giant, where you’ll find templates and images inspired by those who make life worth living: Your family! Some of us have beautiful relationships with our kin; others dread the holidays because it could mean opening old wounds or dealing with difficult relatives. But in either case, it cannot be denied that these people we call family have a special hold over us. Why fight it? At the end of the day, these are the people you were meant to know – why not embrace that fact, even if your idea of “family” isn’t necessarily limited to those who share the same genetics? Family is and always will be an essential part of the human experience, so pay tribute to those special people with these meaningful stencils.

Put Your Love on the Wall

One of the most beautiful things you can do to foster a warm and loving home environment is to decorate in such a way that these values are celebrated – every single day. We’re not so naïve as to believe that a few pieces of wall art will be enough to infuse a home with peace and harmony…but we also strongly believe that it can help. You become what you prioritize. If your priority is to make your family the most important group in your life, that priority will be reflected in your actions. But even the most dedicated family men and women get distracted by the burdens of life. Remind yourself that nothing is more important than your loved ones with these Family Stencils!

Beautiful Decorations for Any Surface

The Family Stencils in this section may be exceptional in their detail, but from the most intricate design to the simplest, they share this in common: They can be used on almost any smooth, flat surface you can imagine. Only high-quality stencils can make this promise, and the Mylar stencils sold here at Stencil Giant more than live up to that billing. Whatever your desired canvas – glass, plaster, fabric, cement, flooring – you can paint it using these easy templates. Because of the thickness of these stencils, you won’t have to deal with the rolling and twisting that ruins many a painting job. And because of their flexibility, you can still use these stencils to gently paint around curved surfaces like mugs and jars!

Stencils Make Great Gifts

With the holidays coming soon (a statement we can use, because there are ALWAYS holidays coming soon), you may be in the market for unique gifts. Well, look no further! Stencils make for great, personal gifts for the people in your life that mean so much. Whether you give them these Family Stencils as direct presents or use them to create personalized presents emblazoned with your artwork – you’ll absolutely make their day. If you’re shopping for that special someone, keep Stencil Giant in mind for your holiday needs.


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