Fairy Stencil

From Cupid to Tinkerbell, fairies have played an outsized role in human literature and imagination over the years. We even have an entire subset of children’s stories known as “fairy tales.” While only a certain small percentage of those stories actually involve fairies as characters, the name stuck and fairies have continued to mesmerize children and adults alike. Unfortunately, they can be so darned tricky to draw, much less paint convincingly. If you’re running up against the same trouble, let your woes disappear into the twilight. With Fairy Stencils from Stencil Giant, you can paint realistic, imaginative fairy designs – no matter your current artistic talent! Take a look through our collection; we’re confident you’ll find something to love.

Redo Your Daughter’s Bedroom

Not to needlessly gender the interests of a child, but let’s face it: Young girls are considerably more likely to surround themselves with images of fairies than young boys. Exceptions exist, of course, and if you have a young son who wants a bedroom filled with fairy images, bully for him! Either way, daughter or son, you can impress them with your artistic skills when you utilize Fairy Stencils. Ordinarily, it would require an artist of significant talent to create these designs on a bedroom wall. With these stencils, that won’t be necessary. In fact, depending on how old your children are, they may even be able to help with the collage!

Many Designs Available

There’s a reason why we created this special category just for Fairy Stencils – we had too many of them to simply throw them under another umbrella. And besides, we know that fairies have a special place in the history of stenciling and airbrushing. If you’ve ever taken a trip to the Jersey Shore and seen the custom license plates for sale, you already know this! But you don’t have to spray paint license plates or the side of your RV; these stencils can be used on any smooth, flat surface you want to paint. And with the number of designs in this category – from Cupid to Sailor Moon – you’ll never run out of inspiration.

Let Your Imagination Soar

One of the most common myths surrounding stencils is that they rob the artist of creativity. After all, the template is already there and complete; what is the artist adding, creatively? That argument disintegrates in practice, however. We would argue that stencils are a BOOST to creativity, unshackling your vision from the prerequisite of skill. Plus, it’s up to you what you paint, where you paint, which colors you use, and how you incorporate these stencil images into a larger work of art. What are all of those choices, if not creativity? With these Fairy Stencils, you can let your imagination soar!

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