Furniture Stencils

There are many good ways to make an old piece of furniture look new again. Re-upholstering, re-staining, and covering the furniture with a cloth drape are but a few of the methods people use to give new life to their furniture. But you don’t have to get into these sometimes-expensive options to achieve tremendous results. Sometimes all you need are a few good stencils and an assortment of paints! With Furniture Stencils from Stencil Giant, you’ll be well on your way to overhauling any piece of furniture. From kitchen tables to dining room chairs, these stencils can make you feel as though you purchased the furniture new from the store. Indeed, many of our customers like to paint their brand-new IKEA furniture with these stencils just for dramatic effect.

Easy and Fun

Do you make your own furniture? Even the craftiest carpenter may stumble when painting the finished product. Staining and solid colors are always an option, of course, and many forms of furniture look fantastic when painted a single shade of brown, white, or any other color of your choice. But not everyone is satisfied with such a basic template. If you like your furniture to reflect your personality, our Furniture Stencils can help you put a funky, stylish design on top of your carefully hand-crafted creations!

No Artists Needed

We know many stylists, carpenters, and interior decorators who have an extraordinary eye for design – and yet don’t have an artistic bone in their bodies. It can be terribly frustrating to have a vision for your furniture but no way to transfer the image in your head to the surface. Well, these Furniture Stencils are exactly what you’ve been looking for. They make it simple for anyone to paint their furniture, regardless of their pre-existing artistic talent! Get yours today!

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