Gun Stencils

  • Flintlock Pistol Stencil – Art and Wall Stencil

  • Revolver Stencil – Art and Wall Stencil

  • Military Rifle Stencil – Art and Wall Stencil


Guns may be controversial in today’s society, but it is always worth remembering that these tried-and-true weapons have a rich and deep history in our culture. They are used in hunting, sports, target shooting, and in many other applications that have nothing to do with the violence that plagues the United States. And it must be pointed out that many law-abiding people own and obsess over guns, even though they would never in a million years do with them what we’ve seen done with them in the country’s most tragic incidents. It’s only natural to want to express your love of firearms through artwork and decoration, which is why we’ve added these Gun Stencils to our collection. If you’re a fan of guns, you can use this stencil to decorate your walls, your gun safe, or any other space where you’d like your favorite hobby to be represented.

Locked and Loaded

If you’re a gun enthusiast who lives for patches and posters that celebrate your passion, these Gun Stencils will be right up your alley. That’s especially true if you have a room (or corner of the garage) that serves as a kind of home base for your pursuit. You know, the place where you reload your cartridges, oil your favorite guns, and perhaps do a little bit of impromptu laser training. Your time spent in this area is probably already fulfilling, but a little bit of smart decoration can really take the space to the next level. And if it’s your spouse or friend who is into guns (but would never think to decorate their dedicated space), these Gun Stencils can make great gifts. Alternatively, you can use them to CREATE terrific gifts for the gun owner in your life!

Create Picture-Perfect Images

It’s not always easy to find just the right designs and images. You know, the ones you see in your mind’s eye when you imagine what your room should look like. Unfortunately, you may be like most people, and you don’t have the time or the skill to create freehand images of your own. Well, that’s where products like these Gun Stencils come into play. We like to say that these stencils “level the playing field,” so to speak. Whether you’re a modern-day Picasso with a paintbrush or you’ve never made a convincing stick figure in your life, it doesn’t matter. With a little help from these stencils, you’ll be able to create professional-level designs with ease!

Unbeatable Price and Quality

The Gun Stencils in our collection are made from the same, durable Mylar as the rest of the products here at Stencil Giant. That means you’ll have to concern yourself less with tearing and flipping than you will with lesser stencils. It also means that, as long as you wash them and store them properly between uses, you can bring out these stencils anytime you need to make another image or two. Don’t hesitate; if you’ve been looking for the right Gun Stencils, get them today and be assured of terrific quality at an unbeatable price!

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