Tree Of Life Stencils

  • Tree Stencil – Art and Wall Stencil


At the center of nearly every religion, spiritual belief system, and mythological story stands a tree. In the Book of Genesis, it is called the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and it stood tall in the center of the Garden. In ancient Taoist stories, it produces a fruit known as the Peach of Immortality. And even in more secular stories, it contains all of nature, humankind and otherwise, linked together as branches of the same whole. You can bring this deep sense of history, faith, and wonder to your next project with a Tree of Life Stencil from Stencil Giant. With nothing more than this stencil and a paintbrush, you can imbue your art with a touch of the sacred.

Intricate and Meaningful
You don’t, of course, have to believe anything specific to find the beauty and intricacy of this Tree of Life Stencil. Perhaps you just like the shape of it. Perhaps you have a fondness for majestic trees. That’s more than enough! If there’s ever been one true thing said about art, it is that it speaks to each viewer individually. YOU may mean something specific when you paint the image onto a surface, but what it represents to someone else could be entirely different. That’s the beauty of it. That’s what transforms a simple picture into something meaningful and artistic.

Bring Peace and Calm
Studies have shown that being in nature can lower our heartbeats and reduce our stress levels. And yet, how much time do we spend in the forest, simply contemplating our surroundings? Until you find time to do so, perhaps you can bring a bit of that stress-relieving nature into your home! Even a picture of a tree is better than nothing, and we know from experience that using stencils to create naturalistic paintings is a calming practice all on its own. Let this Tree of Life Stencil guide you back to what’s important.

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